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In 1993 the Glenreagh to Dorrigo Railway (Closure) Act 1993 was passed clearing the way for the sale or lease of the Branch Line. The line was officially closed by notification in theNSW Government Gazette of 17 December, 1993.

Two groups tendered for the line, the Glenreagh Mountain Railway Inc. and the Dorrigo Steam Railway and Museum Inc. GMR now controls the line from Glenreagh to a point about halfway between Lowanna and Ulong, while the Dorrigo Steam and Railway Inc. controls the remainder of the line to the Dorrigo terminus.

The main stops along the Branch Line and their facilities at the time of opening were, from Glenreagh to Dorrigo:


Glenreagh Station was the junction of the Glenreagh to Dorrigo Line with the North Coast Line. The Station opened in October 1915 as part of the North Coast Line. Glenreagh Station consisted of an island platform, one main crossing loop, a transit siding and goods sidings. In the days of steam, it had a steam depot, water tank, turntable and carriage shed facilities at the Grafton end of the yard. Line left Glenreagh Station from the southern end of the yard; trains to the south were required to reverse.

Glenreagh West

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Timber Top

Timber Top had a crossing loop, a goods siding (opened on 18 December, 1925) and a small signal box with electric staff instruments. There was no platform. The loop and signal box were abolished in 1972.

Reid’s Siding

Reid’s Siding opened on 1 October, 1929 and closed on 14 May, 1942.


Moleton was located near Mole Creek and had a small platform and siding; the latter was closed on 10 May, 1961.
Two miles up the track stood Mole Creek Tank, with watering provisions for steam locomotives and de-ashing facilities.


Lowanna is discussed above.


Ulong had a platform and goods loop.


This page is dedicated to the Heritage Facts associated with the Glenreagh Mountain Railway, it’s Infrastructure and it’s Rolling Stock. Please click on the highlighted link to view the Fact Sheet.

Should you have any Heritage information, relating to GMR, that you think could be of interest to our members and the public please submit for possible inclusion.

Gangs Sheds on the Glenreagh-Dorrigo branch line – HERITAGE_FACT_SHEETS_NO-1 

NSWGR Sleeping carriage “TAM” 1882 – HERITAGE_FACT_SHEETS_NO-2

NSWGR Steam Locomotive 19 class – 1919 – HERITAGE_FACT_SHEETS_NO-3

NSWGR Interurban Electric Passenger trailer carriage (U-Boats) –HERITAGE_FACT_SHEETS_NO-4



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